In October, 2015 Maryland Governor Larry Hogan unveiled a $135 million plan to overhaul the Baltimore-area bus system, a plan he named BaltimoreLink. BaltimoreLink is designed to eliminate inefficiencies and long waits in the current bus system by implementing a new bus system with three types of bus routes: 1.) CityLink: Color-coded routes that run 24 hours, offer frequent daytime service, connect Metro Subway, MARC Train, Commuter Bus, Amtrak and other services into one integrated network, 2.) LocalLink: These routes provide crosstown connections and fill in gaps between larger roadways to provide full system access and connectivity to neighborhoods and communities and 3.) Express BusLink: These routes provide longer-distance, commuter-oriented trips to both downtown job centers as well as between regional suburban job centers.

Due to the critical part the bus system plays in Waverly’s accessibility to the region, WIA representatives attend hearings and information sessions and communicate with the MTA planning commission. ¬†This group wants to ensure that BaltimoreLink serves all the areas that the current bus system serves while achieving the larger¬†goal of having an more efficient and reliable bus system.